Flex your competitive streak with the Proximus Cycling eSeries League. Participate in our 10 virtual races in 10 cycling-crazy countries, earn points for the general rankings in your category and win some amazing prizes!

How does the Proximus Cycling eSeries League work


Everyone can participate for free and there is even more: we have a separate ranking for each category with separate prizes!

When ?

The Proximus Cycling eSeries League is a virtual cycling competition that runs over 10 separate races. Between October 28 and March 3, we will virtually move through the magic roads of RGT Cycling to a new cycling-crazy region where the battle for first place will erupt.

The 10 races will take place twice a month on Thursday evenings at 19:00 CET. Start times will be announced in detail for each race. Riders will be able to do a warming-up 30 minutes prior to the start of the race.

Equipment requirements

Virtually we are traversing the magic roads of RGT Cycling but in reality, of course, you are battling for the prizes at home. You can participate with the following bike trainers.

• Smart Turbo Trainers
• Smart Bikes
• Classic turbo trainers in combination with a seperate power meter

Always perform a spindown calibration before starting the race so the correct power
is measured accurately.


Riders are strongly advised to film their race with a webcam or other device. By participating in the race, the rider agrees that his /her live video can be brought into the live broadcast from time to time. We will provide a link which riders will be able to easily connect to from their filming device (Zoom or similar).

Performance verification

When participating it is also mandatory to wear a heart rate monitor (not applicable to youth category). After each race, the top 25 riders must complete this form no later than 1 hour after the race has ended. We request a video of your weight + serial number of the indoor cycling trainer used. If the participant refuses this, the result will not be taken into account in the official final ranking. 

The full regulations can be found here.

Connection failure

We reserve the right to eliminate any rider who cannot maintain a stable connection to the RGT servers during a race.


After each race of the Proximus Cycling eSeries League, the top 25 in each category will be rewarded points according to the following method:

The ranking can be found here. 


At the end of the 10th and final race, the rider who has earned the most points in his or her category wins. In case of a tie, the number of races participated is considered. If this is still equal, the times of all personal races will be added together. The fastest time will be chosen as the winner.