Thanks to the Proximus Cycling eSeries, you can enjoy free virtual cycling experiences throughout the winter months. Sign up for our monthly challenges, stay in shape with our workouts and flex your competitive streak during our races as part of the Proximus Cycling eSeries League.

Need an additional incentive to hop on your bike during the winter months? Thanks to our Proximus Cycling eSeries, you can also win some great prizes!


Join our mythical challenge from 21 to 30 January 2022 and rack up as many miles as you can on the RGT Real Roads of Mont Ventoux. Enter for a chance to win some great prizes, including an expert bike fit at Wolf Performance!

#5 Mont Ventoux Challenge


Are you up for an epic challenge? Head off to the south of France with us for a classic climb on the RGT Real Roads: tackle the one and only Mont Vent...

83/256 riders


It’s time for a city trip! Head to the centre of Germany’s capital, Berlin, on 20 January and try your luck on the flat circuit in Round #7 of the Proximus Cycling eSeries League, now with a daily prize as well!

There are no upcoming tournaments at this time


Prepare for the road season like a real champion with a training schedule carefully put together by Johan Museeuw. Join our group ride 3 times a week and work on your cycling condition based on your own FTP values. Do you complete 10 of 16 training sessions? Then you’ll earn a free voucher to participate in a Proximus Cycling Challenge ride in 2022.

Workout 7/16


Endurance - 1u10 Goal of this session is to develop aerobic endurance in a shorter time period. • 10 min warm-up• 30 min80% FTP• 5 min...

32/256 riders

Workout 8/16


Anaerobic – 1u00 Goal of this session is to improve maximal power output, mainly targeting the anaerobic system. • 20 min warm-up• 8x ...

23/256 riders

Workout 9/16


Threshold – 1u10 Goal of this session is to increase your threshold power. • 20 min warm-up• 10 min FTPo TT/Race/Preferred cadence, RP...

19/256 riders

Workout 10/16


Endurance - 2u00 Goal of this session is to improve fat metabolism in your body. • No warm-up or cool-down.• Stay in Zones 1-2,o RPE 2-3...

20/256 riders