How to join?

1. Dowload Wahoo RGT

2. Create an account

3. Connect

4. Get Started

1. Download RGT

1. Download Wahoo RGT

Download the mobile Wahoo RGT app (available on Apple iPad/iPhone/TV/macOS, Android smartphones/tablets or Windows PC) here.

Check here in advance whether your mobile phone/laptop/tablet meets the requested system requirements.

2. Create an Account

Create a new account on Wahoo RGT’s site very easily. This is completely free of charge. Then create an account on the Proximus Cycling eSeries website. You can register via this link.

2. Create an Account

3. Connect your profile & Equipment

3. Connect your profile & Equipment


On the Proximus Cycling eSeries site, go to your user account and select ‘games’. In the ‘add new game’ drop-down menu, select ‘Wahoo RGT’. It is very important that you use the same e-mail address for ’email’ as for your Wahoo RGT account. Then click ‘Save’.


In the Wahoo RGT application, click on your account, go to ‘menu’ and click on ‘sensors’. Afterwards, your smart trainer or smart bike will automatically appear, which you can then connect.

Check here which ‘hardware’ is supported by Wahoo RGT.

4. Get Started

Go to the challenge or race that you want to join on the Proximus Cycling eSeries website and click on the button ‘sign up now’.  

Then open the Wahoo RGT app and go to ‘events’. Under ‘your events’ choose ‘registered’. There you will find the event you are registered for. 

Click on ‘ride now’.

 You’re all set to start the Proximus Cycling eSeries. Do you still have some problems or questions? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us!

4. Get Started